Question 1: My new teeth become stained?

The temporary bridge is more likely to stain, for the materials used, less valuable.
The permanent bridge is realized with a more solid material and the coloring is less occurs. Note that this varies from person to person and depending on the food eaten. Many foods and drinks contain pigments, (wine, tea, coffee, sauces, etc.), which have the proper attention.
The dental hygienist will clean and polish the teeth by removing the stain.

Question 2: How will my life with dental implants?

Better than before!
In a few moments you will begin to experience the joy of trying safe with your teeth, starting to project an image of renewed self-confidence and high personal esteem.

Question 3: What maintenance require my new teeth?

The dentist and the hygienist, recommend a visit every six months (as they do with patients with natural teeth), to remove impurities and clean the new teeth, to keep them shiny and looking great.
The oral hygiene routine should not be very different from that to be taken with natural teeth. We will teach you how to use dental floss under the bridge and we will provide all the necessary tools to achieve the best care at home.

Question 4: I will use brushing and flossing with implants?

You will still need to brush your teeth, as usual, with toothpaste and a soft toothbrush. The floss will be different due to the fact that the teeth are connected so that there are no gaps between them. You will need to use a floss threader and floss to get in between the release of the prosthesis and gums. The post-operative appointments this process it will be shown and discussed thoroughly with you.

Question 5: Food remains under the fixed bridge?

It can happen that parts of food are occasionally retained under the temporary bridge because of the small space as is necessary to heal the gums. Once the healing process the bridge is readjusted. The permanent bridge is much closer to the gums, and is much more difficult restraining food pieces under it.
We recommend using the Water Pik on the permanent bridge, most of the classic indicated floss, because of lack of space.