Dr. Alcide Pirazzi Maffiola, during the period in which it is engaged at the Dental Clinic of the University, opens its first Dental Clinic in 1983 in Villadossola, together with a friend and colleague of studies, Dr. Testori Titian. Follows in 1984 the Studio of Gorgonzola (MI).

In 1986 with two colleagues opened the first Studio Associate in Domodossola, in which for the first time in the city of powers between the different specialists were divided.

In 1994 he began to operate a mono-Professional Dental Studio where uses outside consultants especially for interventions of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics. This experience lasts until 2005.

In the first months of 2006, he opens MedicalDental, which wants to offer patients more amp and better usability spaces being located on the ground floor of a new building, in front of the Court and all 'Hospital.

He manages the firm.

And his team grow a cohesive and proven workgroup.

Today, Medicaldental is their project of this group of professionals, each in its role: to become a Dental Surgery not only, but multifunctional, enriching the team with doctors and their staff who deal with Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, Dermatology and Medicine Del Cephalic district.

Medicaldental would become the reference point in the area with regard to the health of the Face, Head and Neck.

This project is becoming reality: the Department of Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine Laser-assisted is now ready to receive you.

With this in mind, the firm was equipped with the latest equipment of Radiology (TAC CONE BEAM), addressed to the diagnosis of trauma and cephalic disorders, as well as the cutting-edge surgical instrumentation, in the field of Oral surgery and 'Implantology.

In summary, the project is aimed at creating a Centre of Dentistry and Aesthetic Surgery of the Mouth and Face, offering a high level of service, the waiting times reduced and affordable cost.

In March 2017 opens a Satellite Centre in Verbania Intra, CSO Mameli 157 (lakeside), easy access and close to the bus stops and Navigation. The number of unique RESERVATION is 0324 243701