Dental Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the quickest ways to obtain an improvement of the smile, but it should be carefully evaluated by a specialist.

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Cosmetic Smile

The cosmetic dentistry is concerned with the overall improvement of the smile, which aim to combine multiple elements: teeth, bone structure, gums, lips and perioral skin.

For best results you need the intervention of specialized professionals in the aesthetic treatment of several facial districts: the dentist, oral surgeon, cosmetic surgeon.

The close collaboration between the different professions allows you to offer patients a perfect smile in every respect

Conscious Sedation

It is a technique widely used for years in the United States, in Canada and several European countries. The controlled administration of oxygen and nitrous oxide inhaled, induces a sense of relaxation, reducing the emotional charge, the perception of pain and anxiety, increasing the tractability of the patient



Dr. Alcide Pirazzi Maffiola performing implant operations since the late 80s and in recent years has been able to experience in University (where he headed a department at the Hospital San Paolo in Milan) and use in private practice more than one implant system. This gives us the opportunity to choose the type of system that best suits your clinical case. You can then choose guided by the best achievable result the most suitable type of implant and the most suitable implant technique.

To do this we'll use both of plaster reproductions of your arches, sophisticated surgical software, from 3D images of your jaw bone.

The Dental Implants are not in fact end in themselves, but are the means to give a fixed teeth where natural teeth have been lost.